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Is data crucial in realizing the ambitions of your organization? And is it hard to find people with the skills to turn your ambitions into actual value? We know what that is like. Our offer is simple: solid expertise in the data domain through our team of talented and experienced data specialists. See how we help companies just like yours.

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Why BigData Republic

In the data domain new consultancy firms pop up every day. So why should you choose us?

  • Extensive track record: since 2015 we have built up an impressive portfolio of clients which we helped developing successful, production-grade data products.
  • Multi-industry experience: our clients range from large manufacturers to financial institutions to utility companies, so we cover a broad range of use cases.
  • Partnership focus: as a small scale, specialized organization we know each other and our clients well and strive for long term partnerships.

Our expertise

All of our consultants are experienced specialists. They are passionate about their field and are masters of their craft. Sharing knowledge and coaching others to elevate the team to a higher level is in their DNA. Our consultants are available for positions such as:

  • Data scientist
    Translates business challenges to predictive or prescriptive models that generate business value. Our data scientists are seniors in their field and apply state-of-the-art techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Machine learning (ops) engineer
    Brings models into production using best practices from software engineering, DevOps and MLOps. Our machine learning engineers also design and implement scalable machine learning platforms, either on premises or in the cloud.

  • Data engineer
    Full stack software engineer who builds robust, scalable applications with specific requirements for big data, streaming data or machine learning. Our data engineers develop production grade applications.

  • Lead consultant
    Creates the bridge between business and technology. Our lead consultants can lead your team or projects. They advise on strategic and organizational challenges throughout the entire data product lifecycle.


Over the years we worked with a lot of great companies from various industries. That’s how we gained a lot of experience with many different use cases.


In the finance sector we help clients with cases like transaction classification, forecasting and Next-Best-Action recommendation. We also build platforms for production deployment of machine learning models, conforming to governance regulations and security standards specific to this sector.


Both the supplier and consumer processes in this sector are nowadays heavily supported by high volume data. We help our clients in FMCG/Retail with exciting cases such as demand forecasting, sales force allocation and automated supplier moderation.


Transportation is full of interesting data science cases, such as predictive maintenance, schedule optimization and passenger forecasting. A nice example is the Free-Seat-Recommender of NS, which relies on high volume sensor data and passenger data.


The current trend of Industry 4.0 - a convergence of developments in IoT, cloud computing and data - creates a wealth of opportunities for industrial applications. It translates to various business cases such as predictive maintenance, yield optimization and sensor-based production optimization.


We have a lot of expertise in the utility sector. Examples in telecommunications are churn prevention, treatment recommendation, and intelligent monitoring of infrastructure. In the energy sector, we work on cases such as energy saving recommendation, smart housing optimization, and targeted marketing.


Our consultants have worked on more than 50 cases. These stories will give you a sneak peek into our work for companies just like yours. More coming soon!

Case: Developing and Advanced Best-Next-Action Orchestrator | The case of T-Mobile
Do you remember the last time you were frustrated by a company that just does not know how to communicate properly? Most of us have at least one or two stories in this regard.
Case: Building a vacancy recommender system | The case of Randstad
tldr; Randstad built a vacancy recommender system to match the right candidate to the right job. BigData Republic helped Randstad to tackle two challenges: reciprocity and timely recommendations.
Case: "Powering" the Clean Energy Transition with AI at Greener
Greener Power Solutions, the new promising player in the clean energy transition, built a fun group of people to work with.

Do you want to start your own data project? Talk to our commercial manager Irene today!

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