AI Art Contest

We have a winner!

AI Art Contest

We have a winner!

The art piece that got the most votes is "Indialism" by Sander Breddels. Congratulations! Have a look at all the participating art pieces below. Thank you all for your creative input!


AI Art Gallery

In the gallery below you'll find the art pieces created by our contestants.

1. NielsvanderBoor

Imagine an abstract, colourful tree that is surrounded by leaves falling - By Niels van der Boor

2. Cats playing with Lego

Cats playing with Lego - By Jurriaan Knol

3. Alien World

wo differtent alien creatures in a bioluminescent environment, photorealistic, nighttime, moon in background - by Jop van Dusseldorp

4. Tropical Pink

a tropical island with animals in pink water ultra realistic - by Iris Meuffels

5. You'll remember me...

field of barley, autumn colors, vincent van gogh, lost soul, family, breeze - by Irene Houtepen

6. The angel of the night

The angel of death. a masterpiece, 8k resolution, dark fantasy concept art, by Greg Rutkowski, dynamic lighting, hyperdetailed, intricately detailed, Splash screen art, trending on Artstation, deep color, Unreal Engine, volumetric lighting, Alphonse Mucha, Jordan Grimmer, purple and yellow complementary colours - By Ashley Geerdink

7. The future of data

Oil canvas of a world where everything in society is data-driven - By Sven Stringer

8. Starship launch

spaceX starship superheavy launch with sun setting in the style of van gogh - by Robin van der Stelt

9. Moroccan earthquake

you draw a good representation of the places in Morocco that were hit by the earthquake - by Mehdi El Mellahi

10. Rhino drinking whisky

Can you draw a rhino really enjoying a glass of whisky - by Guido Beulen

11. The world as it should be

A photorealistic utopia where cats and dogs in robes are ruling society, while being served by people. The image takes place inside a palace with high ceilings. - by Abel de Wit

12. Fractal night

fractal landscape with woman laying on the ground under the moon and next to a tree, with a unicorn and god - by Iulia-Laura Dobre

13. Fancy Business Unicorn

Cartoon style formal business unicorn flying in the sky - by Deysi Astudillo

14. A beautiful house near the ocean

a beautiful house near the ocean with a natural look - by Sam Groeneveld

15. Cute Kitten at High Tea Party

a cute kitten playing in a cup at a high tea - by Figline

16. Borg Cube - Time Machine

a borg cube in front of a colourful wormhole painted, and add a melting analog clock to one of the top ribs like Salvador Dali does. add a flux capacitor. - by Mr. A

17. Stilleven van Frans Hals

still life in the style of Frans hals with a piece of cheese and an apple - by Merijn

18. The band of Muppets

A shot of the muppets in the second world war when they storm normandy - by Henk Meinders

19. The four musketeers pretending to be data analysts

a realistic picture of the four musketeers working as data analysts, while not having a clue what they are doing - by George Slevin

20. Future starry night

Create a futuristic version of the starry night of Vincent Van Gogh and keep the old art style. - by Raoul Valeriano

21. Den Haag onder de regenboog

make a realistic image about The Hague being under attack by rainbows - by Thomas van Adrichem

22. AI revealed

Mahler inspired impossible AI - by Rolf Engelen

23. Last Supper @ IMYB

make an image like Micelangelo's Last Supper with a queen bee as Jesus, 11 worker bees as the apostels and a drone bee as Judas - by Leon Gutz

24. Alerting the skies

astronaut in a desert looking at the blackhole, in the style of hr giger, beksinski, ultra-detailed, masterpiece, colorful, warhammer, fractals, monumental, high resolution - by Enes Akgyun

25. Paradise Bird

Paradise bird in jungle in the style of Rembrandt Van Rijn - by Carly Heemstra

26. The Real Mona Lisa

Make a realistic Mona Lisa doing her make-up - by Angela

27. Tree man in desert

create a version of the jarnpokje made out of a tree a post-apocalyptic desert - by Sean

28. Firetailfinch spreading their wings

Make an image of a fire tail finch spreading their wings - by Martina

29. Raising a child today

a family where a mother looks at the child while the father is distracted by his phone - by Nicole Delft

30. Hot dog time machine super car X

hotdog shaped luxury car, rocket on back, photorealistic, masterpiece, scenery --ar 16:9 --q 5 - By Sven Elmendorp

31. Being beyond AI

Generate an extraterrestrial being surrounded by glowing geometric shapes. Opt for a resolution of 6000x6000 pixels with a square aspect ratio. Use a digital medium format camera to capture intricate details. Illuminate the scene with neon-colored LED panels to enhance the surrealism and create vivid contrasts. - by Sander Breddels

32. Indialism

Create a surreal landscape illuminated by blacklight, with a resolution of 1920x1080 (Full HD) and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Use a high-quality digital camera with a wide-angle lens. Experiment with long exposure and neon-colored light sources to achieve the desired blacklight effect. Capture intricate details in the foreground and background to enhance the surrealism. - by Sander Breddels

33. Mario wins Tour de France

young red-bearded accountant on a racing bike, speedcycling, crossing the finish line in a tour de france etappe that is held on rainbow road from Mario kart. Wout van Aert as Toad on the background, Mathieuw van der poel as bowser, Mario Kart, Pixel Art, high defination, hyperrealistic, wideshot, strong facial features, radiant, studio lightning - by Chris Hutten

34. De geheime beren bar

Een mooi betoverd bos waar beren midden in het bos aan een bar zitten. ze drinken bier en proosten - by Youei van den Oever

35. Morning in Flandria

a picturesque morning like in Breugel paintings with blue birds and red roof houses with more sea side and trees around so that it looks a bit darker in terms of pattern, like a 1600-1700 years look - by Lena

36. Prehistoric puppy

A robot fighting a neanderthal man riding a t-rex - by Chris Beem

37. Sphynx cat dominion

astronaut cats, pyramids, photorealistic, scenery - by Muhammed Saritas

38. The Christmas Bird in a Warehouse

A Bird with a Christmashad Flying around in a warehouse filled with Christmas trees and other Chrismas decorations - by Verena

39. Eiffel Tower Remix

An eiffel tower in outerspace in pink. Also add flying pink cats and dogs in the sky. Make sure thhe eiffel tower is surrounded by a colourful garden with abstract plants in many different colors and shapes. by Francois & Josephine

40. Gnome canal house

a gnome house in the style of frederich hundertwasser located in the centre of Utrecht near to a canal - by Sander

41. Taylor Swift as the Scarlet Witch

Taylor Swift as Marvels scarlet witch with the glitter headband and cape - by Julia Hendriks

42. Where natural disasters meet

make a realistic painting where natural disasters meet - by Madhavi Ramlal

43. Supernova

spaceship with a blue/green supernova backdrop - by Niels Laven

44. Living on wheels

A bike with a tent on top with a kitchen and toilet inside that is driving on the road on it's way to the destination - by Thomas Bos

45. Epic battle of popular politics

Pieter Omtzicht batteling Mark Rutte in an epic duel with guns, scenic, sun behind, 4k, marvel style - by David Kohnstamm

46. Data Bird

artwork, banksy style, big data theme, abstract, creative, bright vivid colors --ar 16:9 --chaos 20 --no people human - by Vincent Voorveld

47. Fluffy

artwork, animals, country side, colorful, fluffy, scary, cloudy, cartoon style --ar 16:9 - by Anouk Aanhane

48. Cat and Pigeon

imagine a Michelangelo-styled cat statue in chasing a pigeon in the style of rene magritte - by Yingchen Ye

49. Valhalla

vikings entering valhalla after battle accompany by valkrie - by Piotr Moscicki

50. My dog and cat

a golden retriever by the rover with a cat - by Chandrayee Majumder

51. First man on mars

the first man to land on mars and build a city - by Hewaar Al Koerdi

52. Monkey apocalypse

an apocaliptic world and monkeys taking over control of everything - by Sarwesh Balsingh

53. Kermit in the apocalypse

kermit the frog in an apocalyptic world with an explosion in the background - by Joris

54. Warm cats in a cold night

van gogh style ragdoll cats under the night sky with purple flowers - by Annelies van Keulen

55. Lipurration day

cats as soldiers with helmets in a willys jeep driving in zwolle real life picture - by Joeri van der Velde

56. The flaming Meowhhawks

ginger cats in a death metal band performing on a wide open stage :: vector graphics --stylize 1000 --ar 5:4 - by Matthijs Wesseling

57. Okapi in jungle

an okapi wandering through the jungle meeting a monkey swinging at a lian - by Bregje Briet

58. A data analyst explorer

a data analyst in a far galaxy, interstellar style, discovering a new world, with a hint of apocalyps, and dinosaurs in the background, and mountains with snow - by Thomas

59. Doubts of tomorrow

aaaa - by Jojo

60. A throne in a haze, a world in a blaze

A throne in haze, a world in blaze - by Ed Alkema

61. Orchestra of fire and rain

orchestra water dragon fire cliff - by Rodi Scheele

62. Discussing veganism while eating oysters - Britney, Paris and Nicole

the last supper with paris hilton, nicole richie and britney spears, discussing veganism while eating oysters and caviar - by Quinty Zijp

63. Judgement day is coming

Neo matrix on the rooftop blend between digital and physical world where Neo get to chose between the red and blue pill. Include morpheus and trinity --ar 1:1 - Image #2 - by Liz Bykov

64. Cow jumping over the ... that's no moon, it's a space station

steampunk:1.1) cow jumping over the (dark gray:1.4) death star, shiny (stars:1.1) in background, realistic, 4k, Clarence Holbrook Carter - by Jorrit

65. Cyber Anubis

futubot, empress ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), (detailed), 1girl, egypt, cat ears, breaded hair, a filigree giant [metal|man|machine|shadow] creature with a blue orb core in chest, very long cloak, dnd style, horror, (((cyberpunk city background))) - by Ysbrand van de Veen

66. Magic date

Fractal nature unicorn - by Iulia

67. My last night dream

Girl on the moon with fractal dress - by Laura

68. The energy within all

God watching world - by Laura