About us
Pushing the boundaries with our expertise in big data!

Who we are

We’re a community of experienced data experts. Hire one of us, and you’ll essentially hire our entire team. Sharing knowledge is something we believe in. Every Friday one of our consultants hosts a knowledge session that is attended by almost everyone. We share the input and ideas from those sessions with the colleagues working in our client’s teams. And if one of us runs into a problem, the lively discussions in our internal chat tool usually resolve the challenge.

Naturally, we don’t just share our knowledge internally. We publish as many resources as we can to share with the data community and we regularly host webinars, meetups and other events. Please sign up for one of them if you’d like to know more. We look forward to meeting you!

What we do

Our data scientists and data engineers use a hands-on approach to develop data applications, create predictive models, build data platforms and design infrastructures. They also advise on the data strategy that will deliver the best results and provide both technical and organizational training to your teams and business leads. For the past five years we’ve been doing just that at companies such as ING, VodafoneZiggo, KLM and Randstad.

Our vision

We believe that data is a source of infinite possibilities to realize actual change in this world. We want to set the trend in this development.

Our essence

Our people form our core. We're a small team of experienced scientists and engineers, always looking for a new challenge to feed our learning curves.

Our promise

We value quality over quantity. That means that we deliver what is needed, not just what is asked.

Our organization

We're a republic, meaning that there's no big hierarchical structure. In our team, everybody knows each other well. Together we make sure that we can be proud of the quality of our organization and our colleagues. But most importantly, we make sure that everyone enjoys their job.

"At Bigdata Republic I have met a lot of like minded people. We exchange ideas to figure out not just the best solution, but one that will keep you going forward long after we have left!"

Jaap de Koning

BigData Republic part of Sparkler B.V.

We’re a small company, because we want to be self-organizing and in charge of the direction we’re moving in. But we don’t have to do all of this just by ourselves. We’re part of a collective of five related companies, and we all belong to the umbrella that is called Sparkler B.V. One of the advantages is that we can collaborate on projects using different disciplines. But we’re especially happy that we get to work with our sister company Vantage AI. They're a team of talented young data scientists that grow within three years to become part of BigData Republic. It means that we have the flexibility to deliver what our clients need in terms of flexibility and level of seniority. If you’d like to know more, please take a look at their websites.