Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer at BigData Republic is a hands-on expert. He or she not only brings models into production, but also advises clients on the best approach to take. Read more and apply if that sounds like you!

  • 36-40
  • Hybrid working
  • Multi-industry client portfolio

Vacancy Machine Learning Engineer

About you

At BigData Republic we don't fit into common role descriptions that well. And this is a great thing.

Perhaps you're a data scientist who has a passion for engineering, or a data engineer with a passion for data science. Perhaps you're a software engineer who knows everything about machine learning, or a cloud expert with a fascination for deep learning. Perhaps you're a consultant who likes to code or a developer who likes to consult. Or maybe you just have no idea what your specific skill set in the data domain is supposed to be called according to the latest fashion.

But what you do know, is that you love the exciting possibilities of machine learning and big data. You have a background in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Econometrics, Information Sciences or something similar. You have several years of experience in the field, and what to share your knowledge and passion with others to turn it into something useful for the world.


About us

  • We develop data applications, create predictive models, build data platforms and design infrastructures. We have a strong focus on technical expertise, a software engineering mindset and way-of-working.

  • Knowledge sharing and thought leadership are fundamental pillars of our organization. Every Friday we host knowledge sharing sessions at our office. We write blog posts, organize meetups and visit conferences. But we also train and coach the consultants from our sister company Vantage AI, where the best machine learning talents in the market come to learn and grow.

  • If you join us, you'll work on complex challenges for large client organizations (see our services page for an impression of industries and use cases). At the same time, you're part of a small, informal team of peers that know each other really well, share knowledge and inspire each other.

  • At BigData Republic you can be the expert in the room, and at the same time learn something new every day from your colleagues. And most importantly, you can be yourself.

Monthly wrap up meeting at the BigData Republic Office

About the job

If machine learning engineering is your passion, you've come to the right place. You'll design and implement machine learning solutions within the multidisciplinary teams of our clients. Since you're a hands-on expert and a consultant in one, it's important to guide and advise the client on the best approach to take. Whether that's a simple model that creates business value, or advanced techniques such as causal inference, reinforcement learning or deep learning.

  • We approach machine learning solutions as full-stack software developments projects and use technologies such as Python, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras and Databricks.
  • Bringing solutions to production is key, so scalable deployment, model interfacing and model monitoring are important aspects that you'll come across.

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What we offer you

  • We'll provide you with everything that you need to comfortably do your work. To travel where you need to go, to pay your bills, and to foster a great work-life balance. That includes:

  • Plenty of training and coaching opportunities. You also get to spend 10% of your time on knowledge sharing, personal growth, thought leadership and fun internal projects.

  • A competitive salary, a holiday allowance, and a 13th month bonus. Additionally, a flexible mobility budget for youw own preferred mix of public transportation, leasing bike or car.

  • Social events both in & out of the office, such as our summer events, Christmas dinner and annual weekend getaway with the whole team.

  • A hybrid working philosophy and a budget to spend on your working environment at home.

  • And most of all, you'll join a team of friends.

The process

  1. You apply and we get in touch
  2. We meet face-to-face for an interview
  3. You receive a hands-on use case to showcase your talents and skills
  4. We discuss your use case during the second interview
  5. An offer comes your way

Apply now

Please note: this job position requires that you have at least 3 years of relevant working experience in the Netherlands.
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