No data, no problem

How to kickstart your data science project with limited amounts of labeled data

Important information:

  • What: 1-hour on demand webinar
  • Presentation by: Lieke Kools (Vantage AI) and Paulien Out (BigData Republic)
  • Device: You can view this webinar from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Why no data, no problem?
A familiar problem for many people working with data science: you have a great idea for a model that could deliver impact on your company, but there is no labeled data. What if there was a better option than just giving up on your idea?

What you'll learn
In this webinar we'll show you several solutions for dealing with unlabeled data. We'll not only explain how to use those solutions, but also how you can organize your project around them. Additionally, we'll spend some time on discussing which option applies well to which situation.

For whom?
The webinar will be interesting for both data scientists and (product) managers who are involved with data science projects.

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Find out how to solve the problem of unlabeled data!