Big Data Expo: Navigating Strategic challenges in the data domain

In today's dynamic landscape of data-driven technologies, organizations continually grapple with the strategic decisions of adopting emerging technologies, their implementation methods, and their relevance to business objectives. We will explain a framework that takes into account five essential strategic pillars: people, organization, process, technology, and data. This framework empowers data managers to craft a holistic data strategy plan that aligns with their organizational goals. To bring this framework to life, we explore its application to formulate a strategic answer to the emergence of chatGPT and similar technologies. Join us to discover actionable insights on how to strategically leverage modern technology within your data strategy, while respecting your organization's data maturity level.

Important information:

What: Lecture at the Big Data Expo 2023
About: Navigating the strategic challenges in the data domain
When: September 12, 13.30 - 14.00 CET
Where: Big Data Expo, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Lecture Hall 2
Speakers: Annelies van Nuland & Sven Stringer
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Meet the speakers

Annelies van Nuland - Annelies is a Data Scientist at BigData Republic. She helps organizations focus their data science questions to make sure they have the desired impact, based on understanding the underlying issues. She values collaboration and encourages diverse perspectives. Her ultimate drive stems from delivering practical, user-centric outcomes that people will embrace and utilize.

Sven Stringer - Sven Stringer is Senior Data Scientist at BigData Republic. He assists clients in implementing pragmatic machine learning solutions. In his experience the success of machine learning projects depends on organizational structures and processes. That is why he regularly zooms out to check the fit of technical solutions in the organizational landscape.