Conference: Dutch Data Summit
The 1-day conference on Big Data & AI

Important information:

What: AI Expertise Summit with keynotes from authorities in the data field.
When: March 30, 09.00 - 18.00 CET
Where: De Fabrique, Utrecht
Website & tickets:

More information, tickets and schedule on the Dutch Data Summit website!

Why you should attend the Dutch Data Summit

The Dutch Data Summit brings you a day full of knowledge, inspiration, discussion, and networking opportunities. Our speakers are experienced professionals from the data field, working in organizations such as The Dutch Police, The Ocean Cleanup, Adyen, Bellingcat and Dexter Energy. They will share their knowledge around carefully selected themes to inspire you.

During the workshops, theory will be brought into practice. There will also be plenty of opportunity to connect with other attendants in one of the lounging areas or discuss a new collaboration over a drink.

Meet the keynote speakers

Jac Orie - Jac is the most successful speed skating coach in The Netherlands. He approaches sports from a scientific point of view. Orie has his athletes undergo many tests, which gives him an enormous amount of data. He then uses this data to determine and adjust his training approach. More about his inspiring story during his keynote: The importance of data on the road to a gold medal.

Benjamin Strick - Benjamin is a digital investigator and Bellingcat contributor with a background in law, military and technology. In 2021 he was awarded Open Source Intelligence Champion of the Year for investment, commitment, and contribution to the field. His keynote: Open Source Investigations - How to use publicly available data to expose wrongdoing, verify information and uncover new stories

Dominique Roest - Dominique is the quartermaster of TROI NL: Team Rendement Operationale Informatie at the Dutch Police. The common thread in her work is ensuring the police gets greater returns from data. During a fireside talk our host of the day Remy Gieling will ask Roest to share the ins and outs of building an agile network to bring operational data to the heart of police work.

Attend the Dutch Data Summit 2023!

Enjoy a day full of knowledge, get inspired by professionals in the data field and discuss a new collaboration over a drink. Buy your ticket now and join us on March 30 at De Fabrique in Utrecht.