Big Data Expo: Digital Forensics for Global Justice
The Role of Data in Uncovering Human Rights Violations

Important information

What: Lecture at the Big Data Expo 2023
About: Digital Forensics for Global Justice
When: September 13, 10.45 - 11.15 CET
Where: Big Data Expo, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Lecture Hall 2
Speakers: Kayleigh de Ruiter (Centre for Information Resilience) & Willem Hendriks (BigData Republic)
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Digital Forensics for Global Justice: The Role of Data in Uncovering Human Rights Violations

The Centre of Information Resilience employs open-source information to gather and verify evidence of potential human rights violations and war crimes. Our presentation will detail the process of using this information to create datasets, carry out digital investigations, and design maps that raise awareness and promote justice.

By working with partners and media, we support justice and accountability initiatives, inform diplomatic strategies, and provide a platform for the stories of human rights abuse victims in hard-to-reach areas where information is often concealed. In this presentation we will also discuss the importance of collaboration and the pursuit of new technical solutions as we navigate an ever-growing volume of data, evolving tools, and an information space increasingly resistant to hostile threats.

Meet the speakers

Kayleigh de Ruiter (Centre for Information Resilience) - Kayleigh de Ruiter is the lead data architect and database manager at the Centre for Information Resilience. She works with teams of investigators from different projects to build datasets and coordinates efforts to log, archive, categorize and visualize datasets related to human rights and justice and accountability.

Willem Hendriks (BigData Republic) - Willem Hendriks studied Mathematics and works for Big Data Republic, where he oversees various machine learning projects for diverse clients. As a key contributor to Big Data Republic's Social Good initiative, Willem collaborates with the Centre for Information Resilience to implement data solutions that support their important mission. Willem is involved in use case discovery for Data Science and other automation processes aimed at enhancing the Centre's operational efficiency and opportunities for analytics.