Workshop Refine & prove value - Analytics Translator 2021

Set your data science project up for success!

Important information:

  • When: May 4th 2021, 13.00 - 17.00 CEST
  • Format: 4-hour online workshop
  • Subject: Analytics Translator program - Refine & prove value
  • Price: €250, excluding VAT

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a great idea for a data science project, but you have not been able to get it off the ground? Or maybe you got stuck right at the beginning, because you are not sure where to start? This workshop unlocks the value of data science for you.

In this session we will work together through all the steps required to refine a use case idea. There will be an interactive part where participants collaborate to actually go through the steps with a practical example, as well as a theoretical part where we will walk you through the concepts and best practices.

The second part of the workshop is about proving the value of the use case, with the metrics that matter to your situation. This is important when making decisions about scaling the project and to assign the right amount of resources.

Two experienced data professionals will be your instructors for this half-a-day workshop. After attending this session, you will have all the knowledge and skills you need to plan your next data science use case.

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"The Analytics Translator training was a big success. It was very well structured, enthusiastic and professional trainers and everybody was energized until the end! It has been a huge enrichment for the approach in our organization. It has become part of our way of work and we have multiple Translators on board now."

Huib van Tilburg (VodafoneZiggo)

Meet your trainers

Paulien Out - Paulien is a lead data scientist and consultant at BigData Republic. After obtaining a PhD in operations research, she worked in various types of organisations and industries, including telecom, public services, health care and finance. She has had different roles, but always in the data and modeling space. Now she uses her experience and knowledge to help organisations set up and professionalise their data teams. Having seen many stages of maturity and organisational models, she knows what works and doesn’t work. She is eager to share this experience in this series of workshops, partnering up with Bart to cover all aspects of the data workspace.

Bart Hazen - Bart is a machine learning engineer at BigData Republic. With a pragmatic approach, he has successfully designed and built scalable data science platforms and data pipelines from scratch. He has experience in various sectors, including retail, finance, airline, and telecommunications. More importantly, he has a passion for sharing knowledge, most particularly in code quality and optimising ML scalability through the use of public cloud platforms. Connecting to new people excites him, which is why he looks forward to meeting the Analytics Translator participants.

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