Workshop Develop & Industrialize - Analytics Translator 2021

Make your data science use case a reality!

Important information:

  • When: June 10th 2021, 13.00 - 17.00 CEST
  • Format: 4-hour online workshop
  • Subject: Analytics Translator Program - Develop & Industrialize
  • Price: €250, excluding VAT

With a clear use case in mind and a view of what your data science project is supposed to do, how are you going to develop it? Do you have the tools and platform to create models? And what if you have a working model: how do you transform it into a production-grade software product?

In an interactive half-day workshop, split in two parts, we will guide you through the development and industrialization of a data science model. Both parts consists of a combination of theory and practical assignments.

During the first half, you will get to understand the phases of model development, the tools used by data scientists, and you will be able to challenge data science results. After the second half, you will understand why industrialization is difficult, yet important, and be more familiar with data engineering concepts, tools, and processes!

With a small group of fellow participants you will learn all you need to know to transform a well-defined idea into a model in production!

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"The analytics translator training is perfect for anyone involved in advanced data projects. It was very insightful to exchange thoughts with my peers."

Veerle Tammer (Lone Rooftop)

Meet your trainers

Paulien Out - Paulien is a lead data scientist and consultant at BigData Republic. After obtaining a PhD in operations research, she worked in various types of organisations and industries, including telecom, public services, health care and finance. She has had different roles, but always in the data and modeling space.

Now she uses her experience and knowledge to help organisations set up and professionalise their data teams. Having seen many stages of maturity and organisational models, she knows what works and doesn’t work. She is eager to share this experience in this series of workshops, partnering up with Bart to cover all aspects of the data workspace.

Bart Hazen - Bart is a machine learning engineer at BigData Republic. With a pragmatic approach, he has successfully designed and built scalable data science platforms and data pipelines from scratch. He has experience in various sectors, including retail, finance, airline, and telecommunications. More importantly, he has a passion for sharing knowledge, most particularly in code quality and optimising ML scalability through the use of public cloud platforms. Connecting to new people excites him, which is why he looks forward to meeting the Analytics Translator participants.

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