Presentation: PyData Eindhoven 2020
Monitoring a TV streaming service with AI

Monitoring a TV streaming service with AI - from PageRank to graph convolutions

On Friday 9th, our Lead Data Scientist Dennis Ramondt will be speaking at PyData Eindhoven. His online talk outlines how we work with our client Liberty Global to find and solve issues in their digital TV platform with anomaly detection and graph deep learning. They will take you through their approach to jump-start a learning system using unsupervised techniques, such as node embeddings and Google PageRank. Furthermore, they'll take you through the interesting challenges in monitoring large scale IT systems with AI. It serves as a primer to practical graph (deep) learning approaches.

With example code on public data, made available on GitHub, you'll immediately be able to get started with graph deep learning yourself. Interested? Take a look at the full schedule and join us for PyData Eindhoven 2020! We hope to see you then.

Important information:

- When: Friday October 9th, 12:00 CEST

- Where: PyData Eindhoven 2020 (online)

- Presentation by: Dennis Ramondt in collaboration with Liberty Global