Online Meetup: Stateful Function-as-a-Service
Data Engineering Meetup

Online Meetup - Stateful FaaS

August 27, 2020, Amsterdam time (CEST)

We're very excited to announce the online edition of our Stateful Function-as-a-Service meetup! Viktor Klang (Lightbend), Stephan Ewen (Apache Flink, Ververica), and Asterios Katsifodimos (TU Delft) will be speaking to you about their knowledge on the subject. While they are all convinced of the serverless approach, they also acknowledge its currently unsolved drawback: managing state.


  • 19.00 Welcome
  • 19.10 - 19.30 Intro to stateful FaaS and rationale - Asterios Katsifodimos
  • 19.30 - 19.50 CloudState - Viktor Klang
  • 19.50 - 20.10 StateFun - Stephan Ewen
  • 20.10 - 20.30 Panel discussion

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About the agenda

Asterios will start the evening with an introduction to the topic explaining the rise, current state and challenges of the Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) programming paradigm. Following that, Viktor and Stephan will introduce their respective approaches to solving these challenges. We will end the evening with a discussion, where speakers will have the opportunity to answer any question you still have. By the end of this session, attendees should be familiar with Stateful FaaS and the various existing initiatives tackling the problem.

Meet the speakers

About Asterios Katsifodimos
Asterios is assistant professor at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) working on stream processing, systems for scalable AI/ML and data integration. Lately, his focus also entails solving the state problem in the FaaS paradigm.

About Stephan Ewen
Stephan is the CTO of Ververica, the company behind Apache Flink. Ververica is now working on StateFun, which brings together the benefits of stream processing with Apache FlinkĀ® and FaaS to provide a powerful abstraction for the next generation of event-driven architectures.

About Viktor Klang
Viktor Klang is Deputy CTO at Lightbend. One of Lightbend's most famous tools is the scala library Akka. They are now working on CloudState, which is leveraging Knative, gRPC, Akka Cluster, and GraalVM running on Kubernetes. This allows applications to not only scale efficiently, but to manage distributed state reliably at scale while maintaining its global or local level of data consistency, opening up for a whole range of new addressable use-cases.